10 Ways to Make your House Unique and Trendy

10 Ways to Make your House Unique and Trendy

Monday, September 24th, 2012

When your house is surrounded by some other houses, very often they are the exact replica of yours from the outside. But you can make your house stand out by adding a few special touches to your home decor and add some personality to your house. Following these ten steps will help turning your house into a cosy and unique home.

1: Check your Wardrobe

If you’re not sure about the decor style you want, just have a look at your closet. In fact, your wardrobe reveals who you are, so you can have a look at the kind of clothes you like and this will inspire you. If you like wearing bright colours, then you can get rid of those dull wall papers and get more creative and daring.

2: Decorate the Outside Walls

When all the houses in your street look the same, you can make yours stand out by painting the walls differently. For instance you can have one of your favourite family pictures turned into a giant wallpaper to personalise the outside of your house.

3: Dress up the Driveway

You can also personalise your drive way by putting some items that give the tone of your interior design.

4: Use Interesting Window Trim

Having nice curtains is not enough to make your house stand out; make sure you also add some interesting window trim. Generally people use flowers to add more life to their windows, but you can get as creative as you like and get window trim that reflects your personality.

5: Have a Distinctive Door

Make sure you also personalise your doors as nowadays there’s such a great variety of doors and windows in the market, so make sure you choose one that reflect the spirit of your home.

6: Customize Generic Accessories

You can also personalise your generic accessories such as furniture, electrical appliances and so on. If you need some ideas to help you getting started, do some searches online to see what others have done and this may give you some brilliant ideas.

7: Other Interior Enthusiasts

Join other interior enthusiasts in different social platforms to share your passion and get brand new ideas.

8: Make your Own Accessories

You can also try to make your own accessories, thus you’ll be sure to have unique pieces.

9: Family Photos and Souvenirs

Nowadays it’s quite trendy to turn your favourite family pictures into canvas, and hang them in different parts of your house such as the corridor or the living room.

10: Design your Own Wall Stickers

We all go to the same shops but when it comes to home decorating we all want to feel unique, to have something that the neighbour don’t have. One way of getting this feeling of uniqueness is by designing your own wall stickers. In fact there are various companies in the country that allow you to design your wall art stickers online to personalise your home. You can even make a selection of your favourite pictures and turn them into wall art stickers.

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Emma Cooper is an interior designer, as well as a budding artist in her free time, with years of experience in making a house a home.