Choosing Pictures To Display Around The Home

Choosing Pictures To Display Around The Home

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Displaying pictures is a great way to make your property more homely and to remind you of the people closest to you and the activities and memories that you enjoyed the most. This can be a great way to make your home more comforting and can also communicate to visitors more about how you are and what’s most important to you.

The only difficulty of course comes when you then have to choose the pictures that you want to display and narrow it down to just a few. This can become very difficult as you start to worry about leaving people out, or as you struggle to find images where everyone looks there best. Here then we will look at how to narrow this down and how to pick images that will bring the most benefits to your rooms.

Who to Include

The first thing to bear in mind is that you don’t ‘have’ to include anyone. Sure you might worry that certain people will feel left out if they aren’t included in your pictures, but ultimately you should choose the images based on their own merits and you’d find that it soon becomes apparent that including everyone is something of an impossible task unless you want your entire home filled with pictures many of which don’t show people at their best. Of course look for a few that include the people who are closest to you, or perhaps the people who are no longer around, but make sure that you’re not a slave to including everyone you’ve ever known in some capacity.

Picking the Images

When you choose the images you should pick images that work on multiple levels and that communicate the most things about who you are and about the people you know. For instance you will want to include pictures where you are doing something fun and exciting rather than just photos of all of you smiling for the camera, but at the same time you will also want to pick pictures that include attractive scenery and that show everyone look their best (or at least not looking bad).

Meanwhile you also need to think of the images in terms of what ill add the most to the room, and in terms of which will work best together. There’s no point for instance in having tons of pictures that look the same, and likewise you might as well try to get a spread of different people and places. You can also try to vary the photos in your rooms by using both landscape and portrait images. In terms of the room you need to try and choose images that have the right colour scheme to complement the colours in your rooms which will help them to have a better impact on the look of the room on the whole.

Making the Most of the Images

At the same time you also need to think about the way you are going to display your images and what photo frames etc. to use. Different photos will work better in different frames, or alternatively if you can’t decide then you might want to use a collage or a digital photo frame.

Finally don’t rule out the idea of altering your photographs – you may find that you can make better use of them by applying an artistic filter in photoshop for instance, or by bringing out particular colours. This will also demonstrate more creativity on your part and will be sure to impress visitors.

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