Garage Door Problems That You Can Easily Fix

Garage Door Problems That You Can Easily Fix

Monday, September 24th, 2012

With home invasions and robberies on the rise, it’s really very important to make sure that your home is secure. Home security isn’t just about ensuring that all your doors, windows and gates are working properly. This also includes the efficiency of garage doors. If your garage door is gaping or won’t close properly, you’re making your home and your family vulnerable to home invaders.

There are times when a garage door fails even though this is properly maintained. When you notice a problem, you could call an expert repairman or maybe you could fix the problem yourself. Just remember that one problem, like a door not opening properly, could be caused by many things which could leave you overwhelmed. If you don’t have experience in fixing things at home, then your best option is to call a repairman. But before you do, here are a few things that you can readily do.

Remote Problems

So many things cause garage door opener problems. Some can be fixed quickly and without professional help. For instance, you find out that your door remote is not working. First, check if the battery is still working, and if not, get a new one. Your remote won’t work too if you’re out of range or too far from the door. In case your remote is broken, you can contact the company that installed your garage door and ask if you can get a replacement. There are also generic remotes that are available in hardware stores. In case you changed your batteries and then suddenly nothing works, you may need to reprogram your remote.

Photo Sensor Trouble

It’s also important to check if the sensors are clean. Smudges, dirt or grime can accumulate on the sensor’s surface, and this disrupts signal transmission. See if sensors are blocked by other things too. Your sensors could be blocked if your door suddenly malfunctions during certain times of the day and then works again. So, if you suddenly have trouble closing or opening the door using your remote, your sensors may have been knocked out of alignment.

Power Source Disruption

When you can’t open your garage door using the remote and the manual switch, check first if the unit is properly plugged in. Sometimes, plugs could get dislodged or power could be interrupted when wires get frayed or damaged.

Small Gap between Floor and Door

If you notice a small gap between your floor and door, say, about 1 or 2 inches, what you can do is put a weather seal. The seal will get rid of the gap. Weather seals are available in hardware shops; and items come with simple-to-follow instructions. It’s very important to close up gaps, even small ones, because this will let in either cold or hot air. If it’s winter and cold air gets in, your heating system will need to work twice as hard to keep your place warm. Hot drafts of air will also make your air conditioning work doubly hard. By sealing gaps, you’re being more efficient with your use of energy.


Claire Planck is a home improvement hobbyist. She blogs about home security systems, as well as home, window or door problems. She also writes about Newport Beach Garage Door Repair.