How to Rearrange Furniture: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Rearrange Furniture: A Step-By-Step Guide

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

No matter what style of furniture you prefer, and no matter how large or small a space you have to work with, it’s natural to become bored with the way your interior looks from time to time.  Maybe you need to make space for a Christmas tree each December, or perhaps you are looking at indoor floor fountains as a way to add peaceful sound and just a bit of movement to your living space.  Perhaps you inherited a family heirloom; whatever your reason for wanting to rearrange your furniture, these tips will help you revitalize your interior spaces.

Step One: Know what You’ve Got to Work With

Before you start moving the furniture, take a few minutes to think about what you have to work with.  Perhaps there are some pieces you don’t often use, or pieces you really don’t like.  Get rid of anything that doesn’t appeal to your sense of taste, then reassess the situation.  If you are bringing a new piece of furniture into a room, be sure to measure it first so you know whether it will fit in with what is already there.  Before you begin in earnest, it’s a good idea to look at what other people have done in your same situation.  Home interior design books and online interior design sites are great resources for decorating ideas.

Step Two: Sketch Out Your Plans

The next step is to sketch out your plans.  You don’t have to be a master artist, and you don’t need any special supplies.  All you need is some scratch paper and something to write with, plus accurate measurements of items in the room.  In general, you want to have between two and three feet of clear space between items in a seating arrangement so walking through isn’t difficult; if someone in your life uses a wheelchair or walker, then you will need more room to make passing through easier.

Step Three: Clean Up!

Next, clean everything.  Vacuum thoroughly, and polish the furniture.  You want your space to look brand new, and giving every design element a little TLC is a great way to add new life to old belongings. Now is also the time to clean carpets if needed; be sure to wait until they are dry before moving furniture into its new position.

Step Four: Save Your Back

Be sure to protect flooring and your physical health by getting help with moving heavy items.  It doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair of eyes on the situation either – a friend’s honest opinion can be a lifesaver when you’re not sure whether the way you’ve rearranged the furniture is the best way possible.

Step Five: Sit Back and Relax

Now that you’ve cleaned, polished, and moved your furniture, it’s time to take a well-deserved break.  If you’ve installed an indoor floor fountain, now is the time to soak up the sounds and enjoy the sight of clean water flowing over beautiful surfaces.  If you’ve added new lamps, this is a fantastic time to turn them on and ensure they are casting light in the best way possible.  Check to be sure end tables and coffee tables are exactly where you want them, and if you moved the TV, now is a great time to turn it on and ensure it is visible from various seating areas.

With this step-by-step guide, you can easily rearrange the furniture in any room in your home or office, giving new life to your space and even having fun in the process.

Polly Godwin is the owner of, a company specializing in indoor fountains as well as home and business décor.