How to Make Your Kitchen look Fabulous

How to Make Your Kitchen look Fabulous

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

When selling your house, it is said that there is one room by which potential buyers will base their purchasing decision: the kitchen. The following shows how to make your kitchen look amazing and tempt any house hunter.

The kitchen should be an oasis of calm and should engage all of the senses in an attempt to woo the buyer. This essentially means that the cleaning should begin in earnest as soon as the for sale sign goes up. There should be fresh flowers in vases placed in the kitchen – use cut flowers that give an irresistible fragrance such as lilies. Surfaces free of clutter and clean lines will enhance the size of the kitchen.

The materials used on the floor are of the utmost importance as the whole image and style of the kitchen delicately balances on getting the style of the flooring correct. There is a myriad of choice but tired tiling and lino that has seen better days will condemn the kitchen. Natural stone tiles are a great choice as they not only look fantastic but can be used in both traditional and modern kitchens.

The lighting in a kitchen is a fantastic way to make a huge impact. Again, there is a great choice available but in order to prepare for a sale; a great idea is to choose a very plain but modern light fitting.  Too much personality in the home can put off buyers that prefer different styles. Choose sleek modern lighting that doesn’t make a statement but enhance lighting with candles or lamps strategically placed around the room.

Choosing some accessories for your “set” will emphasise the lifestyle that the owner should expect to have. Selecting one or two key piece will certainly enhance the room, rather than overcrowd it with knick knacks. Try using a statement piece such as a large glass vase and fill it with lemons. A colour popping essential item such as a food mixer also enhances the look of the kitchen and reinforces the style.

Invest in a fresh new worktop if your old one is damaged. A neutral colour will work well in any kitchen and it will certainly brush up the look of the kitchen.

Windows are important as light, bright windows will show off your kitchen to its very best. Get rid of flouncy, fussy window dressings and use clean, neutral coloured blinds. Do not be tempted to add ornaments to the window ledge – three zinc plant pots with herbs growing inside should be the maximum adornments.

Remember to take a close look at the larger surfaces of the room as these will make an impact on the viewer. Flooring and worktops should especially look fantastic, as well as any surfaces such as tables.