How To Design And Install A Beautiful Bathroom On A Budget

How To Design And Install A Beautiful Bathroom On A Budget

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Most homeowners appreciate the fact that the bathroom can be the most expensive room in the house to revamp and re-structure. Plumbers, electricians and professional bathroom contractors cost a lot of money to employ, and high quality materials are needed if you’re to build a beautifully designed bathroom that’s going to stand the test of time. However, we’re out to prove that you CAN create your perfect bathroom on a budget – take a look at the handy tips below before you embark on your latest project and avoid splashing out on unnecessary expenses!

Top Tips To Bear In Mind

Plan your new design in advance. Know what you want to achieve, outline your budget before you start shopping and stick to your goals. Doing so will make sure you don’t overspend at any point and

Write a list of your bathroom essentials and plan to spend more on products that are a necessity rather than a luxury. Be realistic – every bathroom needs basic fixtures, such as a toilet, a sink, and a shower or a bath, so if you’re planning to replace your existing hardware, set aside a large proportion of your budget for these items. You can factor in little luxuries at a later date if you have enough money left to afford them!  

Do some research on the web for ideas and inspiration. It’s the 21st century and the internet is at your full disposal! There are thousands of websites out there dedicated to providing you with great design examples, so take a look at other homeowner’s installations and get a feel for the looks that are trending and the looks that are totally timeless.

Shop around! As well as checking out the latest offers on the web, have a wander through your local hardware shops for products that have been heavily discounted or are part of a discontinued range.

Choose fittings and fixtures that are going to perform well and last for longer. Not only will they won’t only look better and improve the energy efficiency of your home, they’ll also improve the overall value of your property and help you gain more from the renovation process.

Pick neutral coloured products. Baths, showers, sinks and other kinds of units in lighter colours appear cleaner than darker tones and will brighten up your room considerably.

Try to achieve a luxurious look for less. Why spend thousands on huge marble slabs when you could opt for cheaper cultured marble for your bathroom surfaces instead? You could also, for example, choose to install plain tiles and add in custom-made (but slightly costlier) gems as focal points rather than a basis for the entire design.

Create your own DIY art to add a personal touch to your new room. Don’t fritter money away on paintings from the professionals – if you’re looking for a thriftier way to decorate your bathroom, pick up arts and crafts kits and create your own masterpiece for much less.

Be prepared to get stuck in. Save money by carrying out some of the legwork yourself. Before your labourers arrive, strip off old wallpaper, dig up flooring yourself, remove and destroy old fittings – you can even install new light fittings if you’re feeling confident! Once your chosen contractors have finished installing your essential fixtures, brush up the paintwork and add all the finishing touches yourself. You’ll spend less cash and get a great sense of satisfaction from contributing to your beautiful brand new bathroom!  However, be sure to talk to the professionals about the work you can carry out yourself and make sure they lower your labour bill if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. If you’re unsure of anything, such as where your water pipes are located, don’t risk causing damage to your system by undertaking tricky work yourself – leave this job to the trained professionals!

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